Company Profile

Company Profile

Jiao Guang Group was established in 1984 started with Christmas Lighting and focus on LED Lighting from 2001.Now we are a professional manufacturer of new green LED lights. It owns 40,000m2 plants and a design office in California, USA. Taizhou Jiao Guang Lighting Co., Ltd. has become one of leading LED lighting manufacturers in China.
Our R&D department has been working hardly to develop latest LED products. Currently, our LED products have obtained various of international safety approval, including UL、 cULus、Energy Star、DLC、CE、Lighting facts 、CQC and so on.Jiao Guang's core value is to provide our customers best quality lighting products with affordable price, and dedicate to promote LED lighting products to bring a greener world.

We appreciate all customers' business and welcome you to join us to share our success.

Established time of each subsidiary company is :

- December 1990,Jiaojiang General Festival Lights Joint Factory

- December 1999,JiaoGuang Machine & Electricity (Mexico) Inc

- June 2001,JiaoGuang Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.

- August 2001,JiaoGuang Rare Earth Material Co., Ltd.

- December 2001,JiaoGuang Electronics & Electrical Co., Ltd.

- April 2003,JiaoGuang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

- April 2003,Taizhou JiaoGuang Lighting Co., Ltd.

- March 2005,Dan Yang JiaoGuang Nanometer Material Co., Ltd. 疯狂麻将投注 甘肃快3一定牛热号 江苏麻将游戏下载 重庆时时彩五星1胆公式 彩票频道 新浪竞技风暴 湖南快乐十分基本走势图 快3 股票分析师张磊博客 幸运飞艇5码倍投 体球网即时赔率 吉林快3 2012年上证指数记录 铁骑冲锋怎样赚钱 安徽麻将大全蚌埠麻将 乐通lt118最新网址 新时时趋势 龙虎大战斗怎么稳赢